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Frustrated with BBClone and other web trackers....
xnoodlewankerx wrote in webdesign
I have tried to get BBClone to work with our (.shtml-page format based) website, and it's proving more and more frustrating than productive. It will be perfect once our redesign is complete and PHP is integrated...but for now, I can't seem to get it working properly.

Our server has a full-on web tracker program already installed for most tracking needs, but I am in need of a simple program that can track and count hits for a "Top 10 visited stories" feature we need to run & update weekly.

If anyone has experience in a newspaper/journalism website formats with a program/counter like I am needing...info or help would be much appreciated!

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I tried getting BBClone to work and couldn't. I can't even get the folder to delete from my server T.T

I'm looking for a good web tracker too. If anyone knows, please tell!

I had that same problem and had to manually go into each folder and delete everything in the folder first, and then the respective folders, and finally the root folder I installed it in.

Turns out our sever has a dinosaur version of PHP supported, and BBClone is only compatible with newer versions.

I found this as well...and it might work for you, but I am still having the problem with our outdated server support:
Pivot and Weblog
(just google them)

you want me to google weblog? are you crazy? give me a link.

As for pivot, that's a complete CMS/blog application. I just need a counter.

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