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blogging alternatives...
zaskoda wrote in webdesign
I wrote this blog post about how I hate blogs (ironic?). It was a little more than that, I was actually talking/thinking about how a lot of content is put into a blogging format... content that could be best delivered other ways.

Usually when I vomit out ideas, I generally find that I'm well behind the curve. Thus, I was wondering... does anyone know of CMS software that exists that is taylored for E-Zines or an Essay Archive similar to the stuff I'd posted about?

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i also would be interested in this information. i've tried using a few cmses in my day and they just don't offer what i need. i'm trying drupal next so we'll see.

Mambo is supposed to be a good CMS also. I tried it and almost liked it... but alas, I still haven't found a CMS I really liked.

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