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WordPress/Movable Type/CMS's
sabre6 wrote in webdesign
Hey all,

I've been brushing up my rusty skills lately while working on a few side project websites. I had a few questions regarding publishing platforms and CMS's. I know a few adopt the technique to style and present via CSS then use a backend management system to manage the content. I see many sites using Movable Type and Wordpress for this and some coding their own CMS's. I'd like to be able to style up the site and structure it however I like, but then have some type of backend to power it all yet be easy to integrate.

  • I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for either or perhaps another easy to implement Publishing Platform/CMS to drop into small-medium size web projects? Which one is easier to integrate into a design from scratch and a rich feature set to maintain?

  • Another question, anyone know of an open-source equal to something like Basecamp?

  • *EDIT*

  • Reading up on each I've gathered a whole slew of new knowledge. One of the main differences I see now is WordPress' "Template Tags" aren't much more than PHP function calls and Movable Type have a full blown tag system. I am mainly looking at each system now based on their template systems and the template tags ease of use from the stand point of integrating your own desgin into it or creating a site from scratch with it built in. If anyone has switched from one system to the other I would love to hear your thoughts on why and how it worked out for you.

Thanks for any info.

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I really like mambo...it's got a lot of customizations, and is pretty easy to navigate.

Mambo huh? I've heard about that more and more in this past week, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

I don't have much expereience with CMSs in general, but have been very impressed with Drupal so far.

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