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Bookmarks for web-developers
tropfen vf
belhome wrote in webdesign
The "Bookmarks for web-designers and web-developers" contains over 200 links to resources related to webdesign.


01. Creativity
02. CSS techniques and examples
02 a. CSS techniques
02 b. Tabs & Navigation Menus
02 c. CSS- & HTML-Web-Tools
02 d. CSS/HTML-Specifications
02 e. Other useful Web-Tools
03. Web design
03 a. Written & unwritten rules
03 b. Color Tools, Mixers etc.
03 c. Web Design magazines
03 d. Royalty free photos
04. Usability
05. Freelancers resources
06. Search engines & SEO
07. Other catalogs
08. Bookmarks: Maxi version
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The list is updated once a week and has an XML Feed.

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sweet.. i bookmarked the bookmarks.. thanks for sharing..

I've taken the liberty of adding said XML feed to the syndication system

or webdevbookmark

This is great. thanks

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