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Help with Mouse Clicks
Evil Grin
anjel_kitty wrote in webdesign
Hello all. I am currently desinging a website for and antique shop in my community and I need some help on trying to figure out how to achieve a certain look and code.

This is what I have so far:
Please note the text link at the top. Basically what I want to achieve is when you click on one of images surrounding the iframe, it loads the image into the iframe. However I am not very sure how I would go about doing this or if I using an iframe is even the best method.

I have managed to find a script that allows me to achieve what basically want to do, however I want the images to go all the way around the center large display window as I have in the page linked above, and I want it to load the center large image with a click instead of a mouseover.
Here is the link to the script I have:

I am not to savy with Javascript, but I have Front page and I can edit a script if I have one.

Does anyone have any advice about how I could go about achieving this look or a script that could do what I want? Also if anyone knows any other communities that I might find better information surrounding this topic, that would also be helpful.

Thank you in advance for you suggestions and advice.

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shouldn't need javascript - just make each image on the outside a link to the picture, and use target="centreframe" (or whatever you've called the iframe) in the links.

so, something like this:
<a href="image1_large.jpg" target="centerframe"><img src="image1_small.jpg"></a>
<a href="image2_large.jpg" target="centerframe"><img src="image2_small.jpg"></a>
<a href="image3_large.jpg" target="centerframe"><img src="image3_small.jpg"></a>

<iframe src="blank.html" name="centerframe">lt;/iframe>

That is exactly what I have done, however it still doesn't work. I can get theimage to load into the iframe, but only if the iframe is blank to begin with.

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