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domain registration, web hosting
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specialspark wrote in webdesign
i'm starting to develop my own portfolio site and I'm shopping around for good prices on domain registration and web hosting. do you have any recommendations? thanks.


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I do both: http://xeriom.net/
I'm fairly relaxed when it comes to quotas; those are just rough estimates.

Data transfer, bad... disk space, reasonable. What are the prices in US dollars?

well, aren't you clever... yay for free advertising.

I personally like liquidweb.com but they're rather pricey. They offer great features with the package (message boards, guestbooks, chat rooms, all with no ads of course) and you get TWO domain names with the package with NO setup fee and it's $14.95 a month. It's really a great deal... just a bit more expensive. The site I'm going to go through to set up a friend's business web site is 50megs.com because they seem to be the most affordable... with the best deal for the price. $5.99 a month plus domain registration ($9.95 a year) if you pay by the year, or $7.95 a month plus domain registration if you pay by the month. Take a look at both sites and compare their packages to see if either of them suit you. Let me know if you find anything better, I'd like to know!

a friend just refered me to www.1and1.com and they seem to have some good prices. the least expensive options are $5.99/yr for domain names and $4.99/mo for hosting.

Don't listen to me... go with radio303's hosting. You'll LOVE IT!

I use dreamhost. Affordable, reliable, lots of space and bandwidth, plenty of bells and whistles. Plus if someone signs up and they refer you, you get a discount on your hosting.

godaddy.com is the best price for registration. I have a few domains with them.

I use TotalChoice hosting.

Wow... godaddy.com does offer a GREAT deal! Less than $50 a year with all those extras!

in reply to your plight.. I currently host a graphic-intensive portfolio on Xeriom and his server takes whatever I throw at it.. something else to consider is mr. gigahertz currently owns the server as an educational endeavor. And if you're going to spend the cash anyway..

Godaddy uses slave robot labor.

If you're cool with Linux/Unix based servers, Lonex might be worth looking in to.

Just a suggestion, though . . .

i use http://www.totalchoicehosting.com

got turned off by go daddy, seemed like lots of tricks to get you to add things you don't want


cheap and good!

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