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Blogger help
fmn_drums wrote in webdesign
Ok so Im trying to use blogger.com as a means to provide my client with an easily updatable NEWS section that will auto-post to the website I am designing for him.

The blogger.com site is http://vmnews.blogspot.com/

I read a little and found that I can link to this: http://vmnews.blogspot.com/atom.xml for use in my client's site. I would link that source into the news section or whatever,

As you can see the top link looks fine, and is formatted as I want it. The bottom link looks totally different, and I can't find out how to edit the looks of it. Also, linking the bottom link to my site displays that big ugly yellow box at the top of the news sections. This is really ugly, and unexceptable.

How do I do this? Im sure there are people out there that use blogger for these type of things.


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You know I started the works of a "news publishing" script in PHP and it's not that hard at all.. I had the news items stored in a MySQL database and than pulled and parsed by PHP.. the client can add/edit/delete whenever they want.. straight from their site.. it's uber easy..

have you browsed through http://www.hotscripts.com ??

I can just see someone out there yelling at me for using a blog for news as they yell at me now for using bravent for tracking hits.. but that's just me.. whatever works for you, works..

You can format the xml itself using xsl/xslt - google those for info (I actually really like those languages, to tell you the truth).

However, the better way to do it is, as the first commenter noted, to have a script parse the xml document into data and then print it out.

There are many php scripts that will turn the xml tags into objects and so on such as xml DOM - < blah > < eek > asdf < /eek > < /blah> -> $blah->eek->content() // is asdf

or something like that. That's my suggestion, at least.

unacceptable *


maybe this is a stupid question.. but i've looked into xsl/xslt a little bit - enough to understand some of the basics but im still a bit lost. from what i understand, you have to set the link to the xsl sheet in the xml file. is there a way to set this in the atomfeed? or am i just completely missing something?

blogger also lets you edit the template of your blogger page. You can edit (or design your own) page, just put the blogger specific tags into you HTML where you want them to be. After that, you can configure the blogger profile to your own(clients) server and use the blogger page as that page on the site. That eliminates the need to try and translte the blogger page into you page.

It's been a while since I've messed with my blogger account and clearly a number of things have changed.

Rather than the blogspot account, you'll want to publish via FTP or this SFTP they offer, and edit your template to reflect the sites' design, if I recall you were putting this in to an IFRAME?

That Atom XML document is designed to be used with newsreaders, though you could of course parse it, so on and so forth, but that's really just reinventing the wheel when blogger will upload and manage all the files on your remote server for you.

For more on RSS/Atom etc. see this article at mezzoblue.com

This is officially giving me a headache.

I got the ftp publishing working and all.

But still, the published blogger page is huge, and I need it to go into an IFRAME at say, 300x300. Also, the blogger site has its nice UGLY banner along the top of the blog page, along with some other nonsense on the side that I would want to get rid of.

Is it possible to get rid of all that junk and format it down to a smaller pixel width?

You should be able to specify all the markup Blogger writes using the template tab. I'm not sure what the Blogger navbar is, but it's set to "off" for me, that may be your ugly banner.

Here's Blogger's help for templates - there are only a handful of tags you need for it to insert all your entries. It'd probably be best to just delete your entire existing template and re-write it from scratch using the static page you had in your IFRAME as a base to work from.

Thanks man, yea Im a moron. I figured out the template last night. Right now, everything is working fine except for 2 things. #1, the IE scrollbar CSS tags aren't working. I checked in IE, the scrollbar colors aren't changing... I don't know why. Also, I can't figure out where in the CSS I can alter the appearance of the little line that shows in-between posts. Can you shed light on any of this?

Took a few minutes to actually track down what you're outputting. I'm not sure what's wrong with the scrollbars, I tried messing with it in IE myself but couldn't come up with anything. It's possible you've got a syntax error somewhere in the CSS.

The line you mentioned looks to be the border defined by the class .post - check the CSS, you'll see this rule:
.post {
  margin:.5em 0 .1em;
  border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc;
  font-size: x-small;

ugh, I hate doing that. ugh, bad memories *shudders*

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