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:hover broken in IE
dineleeeee wrote in webdesign
i tried to redesign my website today and started to use a lot of :hover elements in my css to make my TDs borders highlight when you hover over them
of course, i designed it all in mozilla firefox, so as soon as i tried it in IE it broke :(

i spent about an hour googling for helpful websites, and all i've come up with is javascript code to put in the td mouseOver tag

is there a better or easier way to make IE work with :hover in CSS?
if not, what is the best way of getting round this lack of :hover support in IE?

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Yes, that's an unfortunate thing in IE.

Fortunately, someone wrote a JavaScript library to fix it, called "IE7" - http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/

it almost works, but some of the CSS still gets rendered differently to mozilla

damn browser incompatibility

Stop using IE...

Demand Opera.

I try my best not to use IE
but i'm also aware that 90% or so of the internet still use it, so I want my website to still work for them

wheee for firefox!

Yeah, IE7 fixes some CSS bugs in IE, so your pages may break a little ("break" meaning "work right, finally" of course ;-) until you get rid of the IE hacks.

You can probably extract just the hover fix, if you want.

I was actually looking at this the other day and was gonna ask which version of IE it will work? I mean does it only work for IE 5 and above or...?

Do you know any good css browser compatibility sites ?


Hey i found this link today. I thought u might be interested http://www.seoconsultants.com/css/menus/vertical/

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