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Because htmlhelp is no help at all...
missjecka wrote in webdesign
I'm trying to use a marquee in a header on my LiveJournal that will stop when the viewer's mouse hovers over it. I've seen this done as news or headline tickers on websites. (Note: I do not want the marquee tag that has the text stop to one side... I want the text to marquee as usual, only stopping on a mouseover.)

I used the following code:

but it looks like this when I use it:

Hover your mouse over this to make it stop!

The text doesn't stop moving as I have commanded it to in the tag. I've been to many HTML websites to see if I'm doing anything wrong, but I can't see any difference between my code and theirs.

I'm able to view this kind of marquee perfectly on other sites, stopping the text on mouseover and everything... is it just a LJ incompatibilty? Please help me!

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure whether this could be affecting it, but it's something to try:

onMouseOver and onMouseOut (note the capital differences)

If this is Javascript, Livejournal won't like it. No Java or Javascript on Livejournal, I'm afraid.

As elfwench said, JavaScript is banned from LJ with good reason.

yeah, soonafter I posted this I did some more research on it and discovered taht in the FAQ. Thank you anyway! =)

Why is it banned from LJ?

Because it barely takes a single line of JS to say "access the user's login cookie and send it to this address..."

Whilst others have pointed out that it won't work on LJ, I must point out that a large portion of web users (myself included) consider marquee tags absolutely evil. Use very sparingly! It comes close, but not quite, to topping the BLINK tag on the annoyance list.

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