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I need an e-commerce site
mrfresh wrote in webdesign
If you are an amateur or pro graphic designer or know someone who wants to make a few extra bucks I got an easy job.. And yeah I'll be paying real money. I've never done an e-commerce site and I need one. Nothing too fancy, my brother from another mother Andrew (check out his work he's amazing) is taking care of the flash intro but I need the basic website. It's going to be for selling fashion, electronics, video games, etc. I will need to be able to constantly upload new images and change the text as I get new items in. We need to do sales via papal(for starters) and have a link to my Ebay auctions. In terms of style I want it to be futurstic/cyber/goth/splatterpunk blade runner HR Geiger you get the idea. But not tacky. Subtle. The shit I'm going to be selling I want to present as cutting edge and the site should reflect that. So if your interested hit me at mrfresh3030@hotmail.com or soulseller76@yahoo.com with a brief idea for your layout, some links to other sites you've done, and your $$$ terms. Peace & love.

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Tried oscommerce. The basic layout is ugly ugly ugly, but you can customise it with templates and make it completely different. Best of all, it's open source and free.

I'll third that. Get oscommerce, get one of the template contributions, setup the Paypal payment system, get someone to do your template (which it appears is what you're asking for) and you're off.

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