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paxamour wrote in webdesign
Just wondering if there is cms expert around. From some of this list below which one would you recommend (Rank the first 3)? Or if there is something else that you like and its not in the list...post them up :D

Mambo Open Source

Thanks :D

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I found mambo was kind of a pain in the ass, I ended up hiring someone to implement mambo for a client, rather then doing it myself.

Drupal and Mambo would be my top choices.

PHP-Nuke and Post-Nuke were both shitty, in my experience, 'though in all fairness I haven't tried them out in quite some time. Far too many bugs that were blatantly, blindlingly showstoppers that remained unfixed for long, long periods of time.

(Deleted comment)
I love your icon. And thanks for the info on Mambo, that's what discouraged me from it :)

Xoops is horrible - I've just done a quite site with it, and I hated it.

I was really keen on xoops until u said that.. ;O

well... xiota I would've wrote the code from scratch if I know how :P

Oh, I don't mean that necessarily. I just meant that I haven't seen it done well before :)

If you had to choose ...which one would you go for? ;)
I'm trying to implement something more than just message board / forum. Looks like those cms offer a bit more features :D

Thanks for the input everyone...looks like i have to stay away from nukes and try either drupal or mambo.

Just went and had a look on Mambo..pretty intense..lol. I don't think I can set it up in one day.

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