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newbie advice

guys, I'm a real beginner. I'd like to get my feet wet by creating a website for the salon I go to. I have a good rapport with the owner.

I'm comfortable enough using DreamHost and Dreamweaver, but what I'd really like to do is skip tables altogether. I'd like to design using pure CSS -- but how does this work with Dreamweaver? do I just get some templates from somewhere (where? free? Macromedia?) and then paste the templates onto the Dreamweaver code view screen? or just skip Dreamweaver altogether? I actually took a class in this, but the teacher rushedthroughitsofast that most of it went over my head.

I know about sites like but I just don't know the nuts and bolts of turning that concept into my reality.

thanks in advance for any thoughts!

also, what in your opinion would be a reasonable fee to charge to set it up? or, the equivalent in barter? ;) (on top of DreamHost's yearly fee for the site.) let's assume it would be a basic 5- or 6-page deal with photos I would take and upload, and the copy written/edited by me (that's what I do for a living IRL).

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