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newbie advice
infinitefetish wrote in webdesign
guys, I'm a real beginner. I'd like to get my feet wet by creating a website for the salon I go to. I have a good rapport with the owner.

I'm comfortable enough using DreamHost and Dreamweaver, but what I'd really like to do is skip tables altogether. I'd like to design using pure CSS -- but how does this work with Dreamweaver? do I just get some templates from somewhere (where? free? Macromedia?) and then paste the templates onto the Dreamweaver code view screen? or just skip Dreamweaver altogether? I actually took a class in this, but the teacher rushedthroughitsofast that most of it went over my head.

I know about sites like http://www.csszengarden.com/ but I just don't know the nuts and bolts of turning that concept into my reality.

thanks in advance for any thoughts!

also, what in your opinion would be a reasonable fee to charge to set it up? or, the equivalent in barter? ;) (on top of DreamHost's yearly fee for the site.) let's assume it would be a basic 5- or 6-page deal with photos I would take and upload, and the copy written/edited by me (that's what I do for a living IRL).

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I'm still learning more about CSS but I found this great site that shows how it's done...


great! thanks much, that looks pretty easy to start playing around with.

Personally, I use Crimson Editor - but that's manual all the way. Whilst making the jump from tables to CSS can be somewhat daunting, I'd recommend checking out http://www.alistapart.com/ - it's got a lot of great articles - and http://www.w3schools.com/ is another good place to start.

Hope that's of help.

cool. thanks for the links.

(Deleted comment)
cool, that looks like a good site, I will check that out! thanks!

Dreamweaver got CSS-friendly when MX2004 came out. (It supported it before, but not nearly as well). I've used it for making CSS sites and it can be very handy. It can also be frustrating, since the preview window doesn't render exactly like Safari or Firefox will. But, for editing the CSS with a graphical interface, I think DW does okay.

It does include some built-in CSS templates, but in my opinion they're pretty ugly.

For learning CSS design, I actually got a lot of help from Zeldman's book: http://www.zeldman.com/dwws/

great site, I got lost in all his cool links for quite some time. ;)

Check out this tutorial for a quick lesson on building a site without tables. It's simple enough so you should be able to figure out the basics and build from there. I'd recommend skipping right over Dreamweaver altogether and build it yourself.

awesome! that looks quite helpful indeed. thanks.

Webmonkey is also pretty informative (if horribly dated) the basics still apply though (just ignore that article about Netscape's Action Scripting).


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