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IE7 details leaked
andr3 wrote in webdesign
article [microsoft-watch.com]
article on /. [slashdot.org]

I assume most of you read slashdot, but if you don't here's a quote of their article:

IE7 Details Emerge
Posted by timothy on Tuesday March 15, @06:38PM

Varg Vikernes writes "Microsoft Watch has a story about new features we can expect in IE7 (code named 'Rincon') which they gathered through Microsoft's key partners. Apparently we can expect 32 bit PNG support, native IDN support, new functionality that will simplify printing from inside IE and, of course, tabbed browsing. The new browser also will likely include a built-in news aggregator. Apparently an important factor is security."

And from the article:
Partner sources say Microsoft is wavering on the extent to which it plans to support CSS2 with IE 7.0. Developers have been clamoring for Microsoft to update its CSS support to support the latest W3C standards for years. But Microsoft is leaning toward adding some additional CSS2 support to IE 7.0, but not embracing the standard in its entirety, partners say.

What do you guys think? I won't trade my firefox for anything in the world, but it would be great to see css standards supported on IE7.

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They're still ignoring IE's biggest problem -- ActiveX. It needs to go.

I think it's silly to partially support any standard. Either support it fully or not at all. As for proper PNG support, it's about time.

Hopefully they'll make IE7 more developer friendly, too. I'm tired of IE6's ridiculously vague and inaccurate error messages.

I agree. As for the error messages, I avoid IE like the plague - only using it when I really HAVE to - either to update Windows or do things on sites that only support IE (and yes, they get emails about thier lack of cross browser support) - at all other times I use Mozilla.

Unfortunately I have to use it at work for development. Since at least 90% of our customers use IE, I have to make sure everything works on IE primarily (though I also make sure everything works in FF, Opera, etc). On top of that, I work with embedded IE applications. So I'm pretty much stuck with IE until it dies a natural death.

At home, though, it's Firefox all the way.

Posted this (well, the information :D) to CSS_forum (I forgot, thanks for reminding me) along with the follwoing notes:

My thoughts - I love Mozilla, I don't see this as a huge leap forward, other than MS are deciding that they have to change thier attitude, just a lil. End user difference - de nada - lots of people don't care about what their browser does, or don't understand. Designers and coders...I don't think this will change them either - most that I know are Mozilla/FF based.
I don't think this is MUCH competition, but at least they are trying to bring it into rendering compliant docs properly...we can but hope....

Am curious as to what other people think tho :D

Should be interesting, so long as I can turn of the tab crap.

(Deleted comment)
I hope this browser doesn't catch on. For too long IE has dominated the web, and it's been a big part of what's wrong on the internet. I actually talked with someone on the IE development team a couple months ago and he told me he thought that IE did a pretty good job of supporting web standards, and that it was just as good as other browsers out there (he mentioned the Mozilla family in particular). I for one hope that IE6 is the last time Microsoft controls how the majority of people view the internet.

From what I hear, Opera belives that the W3C lays down the law of the land on the web and that's great. I have almost full compatiblity with everything. Full with all normal useful functions that I'd care about anywhow.

At least it'll have tabbed browsing. I have to use IE when I'm up on campus, and having multiple windows drives me nuts.

Wish they'd do proper CSS support, though.

Like I'll trade my beautiful Opera 7 for anything by microsoft?

PFFT! What a joke!

As for tabbed broswing...even with Opera I sometimes need to open a second browser.

Better than 500 though.

And Opera has developer supported skins.

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