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(no subject)
sdx wrote in webdesign
I'm finding this to be very frustrating.

I'm working on a site for a friend, at www.twelve-oclock.com

I have his LJ embedded in the website, under the menu choice "Clock Tower".

However, the journal is coming out black text on the grey background. I'm trying to figure out how to override the styles so as to make it white text, but I cant seem to figure this out. Everything looks like gibberish and its driving me insane.
I even went so far as to creating a new style, and I still couldn't figure out how to enter the color to make background grey and
the text white.

So if you have any clue on how to embed LJ's into a website, please give a hand.
I would totally appreciate it...and so will the remaining hair on my head.

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Thats where I got the instructions to embed it in the first place.
Now I just need the colors changed through the styles.

You know what, about a year ago, I embedded my lj in my web site. It took me days of tweaking and reloading my page in a separate window to figure out which code did what, because they would behave differently embedded in my web page. I don't have it embedded anymore.

I seem to recall that I had to manipulate the color codes while in LJ's Edit Styles, where the raw code is.

Did you do that?

I didnt think about the raw code section.
I'll go check that out now.

yeah ok, let me know how that goes. I might do the embedding again myself so I can help you better.

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