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(no subject)
fmn_drums wrote in webdesign
Hey everyone.

I'm starting my first freelance project this week, Im excited.

So far I have the enter page up.

I'll probably be posting things for comments throughout my design. I'm always looking for suggestions.

For now... here is the enter page: www.vincemeno.com


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What is the purpose of this entry page? Do you simply add another click for the user (annoying!)?
I hope you're going to remove the 'entry' page when you get the real page up?

Just because I'm curious, when you find a splash page appropriate? I'm sure you think there are some instances where it can be used to enhance a page, instead of just being an annoyance, yeah? Please share. :)

When there's a legal agreement which must be entered into before the page can be viewed eg an EULA
When there's a warning that should be displayed before the content eg a porn site saying "You must be over 18, images of an adult nature..."
When the content is extremely heavy bandwidth-wise or requires special plugins to view eg a 400 page PDF document.

Mostly splash pages are just an annoyance -- why add an extra click to the users path, when that click could just as easily take them to a site that wouldn't waste their time?

The usability of a splash page is completely flawed, Your readers come to your site to enter it

..and a splash page prevents that.

the pros
Splash pages are fast loading, they get all the information up quickly on the first page without scrolling.
Splash pages ensure that your readers see your animation or flash, at least once.
They are a great way to show off your best work, like a portfolio.
Splash pages allow your readers to choose the site technology that fits them.
You can then use your server logs to see what the breakdown is of your actual customers.

the cons
Many readers don't like splash pages - and in some studies 25% of visitors left a site right after seeing a splash page.
Splash pages break search engines. Since many splash pages only include a flash animation there isn't a lot for a search engine to optimize on. And if you add content to the page in comments you can be penalized for spamdexing.
The animation can be repetitive. Readers who have seen the flash don't often want to sit through it again, but if you forget to include a "skip" option they will have to.
While the flash movie or fancy animation may look really nice, the impression they make may be one of pretentiousness rather than detailing your skills.
If you submit your splash page to a search engine, the JavaScript codes that move customers to the next page may prevent the search engine from adding any page on the site.

Re: The usability of a splash page is completely flawed, Your readers come to your site to enter it

Informative.. thanks. :)

That's when would* you find...

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