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Reverse IP and webhosts
starionwolf wrote in webdesign
Hi, I have a technical question about webhosts and servers. Let me know if I should post my question in another community.

I am using Yahoo webhosting. I did a whois search of my domain name using www.whois.sc. Whois.sc reports that the revese IP address Web server hosts 11,000 websites. Does this mean that 11,000 share the same IP address? Does Yahoo's DNS and network uses some kind of network address translator (NAT) to route packets to the proper web server and website?

The revers DNS of the IP address points to a Yahoo.com address, not my domain. Anyway, I am just wondering. It's no big deal.

I need to read the help files about access logs. Later everyone.

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(Deleted comment)
Ok, thanks. I just saw a company that offers dedicated IP addresses. The price for dedicated IP addresses are much higher than what my family is paying for Yahoo! Small Business Hosting.

They won't use NAT; they'll use load-balancers.

Ok, thanks. I'll go read about load-balancers.

As radio303 said, that IP is likely the IP of their load balancers. Those computers take the incoming traffic and route it to one of the actual webservers.

Most major sites use that kind of thing.

Thanks for the short explaination of load-balancers. I was thinking of NAT. I'll go read about load-balencers

There are a few different methods that Yahoo! could use. The most obvious one that springs to mind though, is:

1 IP allocated to more than one internet-facing device (Most likely a load-balencer). This will point the incoming traffic at whatever server is considered available. Then, to serve the correct web page, the web server will take a look at the Host: header and serve accordingly

I think the question you're asking is how virtual hosting works

This seems to give a quick overview: http://www.iceteks.com/articles.php/virtualhosting/1

YOu may (or may not) want to have a quick glance at the HTTP/1.1 spec, too. For all the header definitions

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