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column text wrapping?
raspberryfixx wrote in webdesign
i doubt you can do this.. but i was wondering if there was a way to use any sort of programming to text wrap between 2 columns.

i have a page with 2 columns of text, side by side, and i don't want the white space at the bottom. however, since text is displayed differently on different platforms [mac and pc] i have to just leave it and increase the padding an paragraph set up specifically for the pc. i still have the white space and i can't stand it.

so, i was wondering if anyone knew of any code to text wrap in html, css, js, php - anything - between columns.

thanks :]

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thanks so much :]

now if i can just reverse engineer their code and stylesheets. heh

OT, but I'm really curious by your icon. Isn't that in ASL?

yea it is :] you are the first one on LJ to recognize it.

it's potty.. the swirls are suppsed to represent the movement back and forth.

LOL Sorry, I cheated. I'm deaf.

haha so are my little bro and sister :]

That's interesting. Genetic deafness? I lost mine at 14 months old.


my lil sister was born deaf and my little bro's has fluxuated since birth. she has the cochlear implant and he is more "hearing impaired" and wears hearing impaired.

hearing aids.

that's what i get for talking and typing at the same time. heh

lol you're funny. I bet "potty" was the first word you had to know and use alot ;)

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