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Shopping Carts
fmn_drums wrote in webdesign
So I got an email from an Indie record label wanting me to do their site! ^_^ My banner worked.

Problem: They want a shopping cart on their site. I dont know how to do one.

I've heard of sites that provide FREE shopping carts for web designers. Such as this: www.agoracart.com.

Has anyone used any of these type of carts? I really want to do the site, but I need to get a shopping cart on the site.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm no help with the cart. Sorry.

There's always more than 1 way to skin a cat.

I've tried a few but nothing at a large scale.. I use a script that fronts as a store but has a back-end connected to Amazon.com.. also I have used a similar script for Paypal, of course.

I have (almost) created a storefront, client changed his mind at the last second, but I truly shopped around for a script from http://www.hotscripts.com. My whole thought on it was that someone out there has put the time and effort to build this service and some offer the script at a very low price. So after finding a script and a vendor to handle transactions, it really should be quite easy to create.

Oh I just thought of my hosting service, they have a shopping cart script built into cPanel that I haven't used but comes with the package. That could be something worth looking into. http://www.activedigitalmedia.com/

Paypal is a good option if they don't want to spend money for credit card processing, etc. Although paypal requires both customers to have an account it is super easy to set up and many people have it or are willing to get it.

Oh nevermind I thought I saw Indie Band instead of label. I was thinking band = less fundage.

I'm totally in the dark about this. How would I use paypal in this web site? I mean, do they provide shopping cart code? Would there be a link on the website next to every product to add it to some sort of paypal cart? How do I get started?

Go to paypal.com and check out the merchant section. There's instructions there on how to generate the buttons and set up the shopping cart.

Naturally the client would have to create a paypal merchant account and chances are they would be responsible for creating a new button for each new product they put out. Its pretty simple. They have buttons for buying just one item or setting up a shopping cart.

If the label dosen't have a merchant account already for credit card processing, paypal is excellent as its pretty well accepted and its much easier than setting up and maintaining a credit card processor.

If their volume increases to the point where paypal is a complete pain in the ass, tell them to hire a programmer and get a full e-commerce solution in place.

I agree, PayPal would be a good start when pitching them your idea.. it's easy to setup and install, there are numerous tools that are out there to enhance it's features, plus it's owned by eBay so it would be safe to say that the majority of internet "consumers" would more than likely have a current PayPal account.

Plus it could lead into additional "profits" and "leads", the company could start an eBay store and even a PayPal shop, showing your client that there are other options that could be used with a PayPal shopping cart could convience them.

I use OScommerce. It's GPL/Open source/ free to use (sorry, not sure which) and I think it's sturdy enough for most base designs.

www.oscommerce.com (/lazy)

So I downloaded osCommerce. Wow, it scares me. Tons of files. So how would I go about tackling this beast? Would I have to create the rest of the site first? I'd assume so. But say I have a page showing all the products... how would I integrate this osCommerce thinger? Or is there some other way you need to do things? Ahhhh! Im a pain!!! lol

Not that I'm trying to be rude.. but it was put to me like this at one time..

RTFM (read the "flipping" manual)

By doing that can you truly understand how the files work thus enhancing your knowledge of the product and building your confidence in using that product.

I think you having a good amount of options to choose from, it's pretty much up to you which one you choose to use. Don't be afraid to try something new.. it only helps you in the end to give it a shot.

Hehe, I tried. Is there a manual included in the download? Cause I cant find it! Ahhhhhh

This is me making fun of you.

http://www.oscommerce.com/documentation. Three seconds to find, linked to from osCommerce's front page.

Lesson #1: RTFM
Lesson #2: Google (or other relevant website) is your friend.

Yea I found that after posting my last comment. I thought maybe there was a manual in the download somewhere.

There are HEAPS of contributions by the OSCommerce community that will help you to modify/customise the site to the customer's satisfaction.

The first one I recommend you look at, however, is one of the template systems - I use Simple Template System. It will make customising the look of your site SO much easier.

Even if you don't know PHP, you should be able to scrape together enough learning to cut/paste what you need to get your site together.

You also have to find out how the label want to run the commerce side. Do they intend to accept credit cards? Only PayPal?

Finally... security should be almost your top priority when the site is ready to go.

oscommerce can run the whole site for you.

I recommend you get a basic install running of oscommerce and have a play with it.

knowing oscommerce got me my last job as a designer.

Just outta curiosity, where did you advertise?

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