Strannik (i_strannik) wrote in webdesign,

WebHosting question


My apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this question.

My web-pages were typically hosted by my employers (Universities or research institutes). All of a sudden I find myself needing to find a separate home for my web-page. So I looked into web-hosting services (for the first time :)), and I find myself a little bit confused. What I would like is to have a chance to look at an existing page hosted by ipage, GoDaddy, justhost, or any other of thee commercial services. Do they have adds? Do they insert some money-making pop-ups into your page?

The reason  I am asking these questions is, our own IT people sent me an offer from the same company that hosts our institute's web-site, and it's astronomical - 80 Euros/month with 2 GB of space. A simple google search tells me that for 6 euros a month I can have unlimited space (???). Hence the confusion.

Advice would be highly appreciated.

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