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Pay-for-Download PDFs
shaddragon wrote in webdesign
My Google-fu is mostly failing me on this one. I need to provide a PDF for download, payment via PayPal. I'd very much prefer that the payment automatically validate and set up a username/password for downloading, so I'm looking for something more than a simple PayPal button.

It's just one PDF, so the usual shopping carts I've used (like osCommerce) are really overkill. I found and tried ipnDownload, but so far I can't make it function - it'll add items to the database, but when I send and it processes payments, it doesn't produce an email to the purchaser, add them as users, or record the transaction, so there's no download possible. I'm attempting to sort through the code and figure out what's going wrong, but it's taking a very long time.

Any suggestions for other similar snippet programs or experience with the same error in this one greatly appreciated.

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check with paypal. Some shopping cart systems will deliver digital files automatically after payment.

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