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shopping carts
onegirldown wrote in webdesign
i'm looking for a very customizable (& easy to do so at that) shopping cart system. I'm leaning towards http://cubecart.com/site/home/

does anyone have any experience with them or have any other suggestions? it doesn't have to be free, but the cheaper the better (free is also good). oscommerce seems to get bad reviews, zencart seems like a pain to customize & mals doesn't seem very flexible. thoughts?

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sorry...O/T your question...

But waaaaaahh!!!!! You have a Barnaby the Bear icon!!!!


Re: sorry...O/T your question...

i know him as a bear called jeremy

Re: sorry...O/T your question...

He was known as 'Barnaby' in the U.K :)

*steps from the dark*
I wouldn't use that if you like simple, users will get mad at the download time, a lot of unnessesary images. Use something like redacorn (google it).
*steps back into the dark*

i googled red acorn & found a design site that uses mals.

as for mals, it isn't very secure. the item amount is in a form and i was able to change the price on the demo store on the mals' page from $59 to $29. that is not secure at all & i don't want to recommend anything to my client that is that unsafe.

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