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avalonmissy wrote in webdesign
Has anyone here ever used FileMaker Pro (http://www.filemaker.com/)? I have one client who is starting up a Pilates studio and she's looking at http://www.pilatessoftware.com for her internal management. She would also like to have the website interact with it (ie. have members log in and register for classes, etc.) It seems that the network ready version of the Get Physical (pilatessoftware.com) uses FileMaker as it's underlying database. The FileMaker site has the following:

ODBC/JDBC source
Exchange data with other applications via the ODBC/JDBC source support in FileMaker Server 8 Advanced. For example, you can replicate FileMaker information to other database products, use other reporting tools with FileMaker data, or build JSP or ASP websites based on FileMaker data, using popular tools such as Lasso Studio, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Adobe GoLive CS, and Microsoft FrontPage.

So it seems that I can get the info from the program but does anyone know if I'd be able to send info back to it? or is it a one-way channel?

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I use Filemaker at work (not on a Mac though) and it works well. I do not run it on an Admin side but from a user side it is pretty easy to navigate.

Ya, in High School they made us create a site that had a form on it, and that form submitted data to a *.CSV. Filemaker then can open the data into a database of sorts, any changes you made to the database transferred over to the *.CSV I belive.

Yes, it's two way -- I used to use Lasso to develop a company intranet that was FMP-based. However, that was many versions ago and I know they've changed approaches. One thing to do is contact the Pilates software company, because they may be using a non-networked, standalone version (which can be built from the Developer's Kit, IIRC)

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