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a couple of layout bugs/questions?
DSI: LookAtChu
sabret00the wrote in webdesign
hi folks, i have a couple problems that i'm trying to fix.

i'm working on a new layout and almost have it looking perfect across all browswers, however i have a few problems;

  • the logo in the top right corner doesn't sit flush with the top in FF

  • is there any way to get bulletpoints to change bgcolour in IE, i was told to try onmouseover="this.bg='#f00000'" but i've had no joy with that.

  • also i read once that i could transform text, depending on letter position, do you have any idea how i would go about making the first and last letter of a 'blockquote' twice the size?

erm, that's about it, i think. you can check it out here: http://creed-online.net/test/ it might require a hard refresh.

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I looked at your CSS, and it seems you might want to try adding something like this to it...

#header h1
margin-top: 0;
padding-top: 0;

Oh, and you check this page to see about using the first-letter pseudo-element.


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