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Simple, simple, simple shopping carts
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chainmaile wrote in webdesign
So I'm setting up a shopping cart for a new site for a client, using osCommerce. I've start customizing it to fit in with the design of the site, entering things into the catalog, etc. Turns out it's a lot more complicated than she wants.

What she wants is just static pages, with an 'add to cart' button, and actual cart that I can customize tothe site, and after all the information is said and done it gets emailed to her, so she can enter it in with ProPay.

Any suggestions of a PHP script to use? I've done stuff like this using PAyPal, CCNow, etc, and can setup a osComemrce site fairly easy, but she wants very simple...

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See if Downhill Battle's "Battle Cart" works for you.


Not too bad, but I don't know if she'd be good with the frame along the right side. I'll keep looking, but that's for the idea.

If she wants it simple, couldn't you just do a simple form-mail? Check the item she wants, and submit. And there you go.

That would be nice, but not really doable. If they want mutliple quantities, etc, a check form wouldn't work. She wants a shopping cart, just a very simple one. The quest goes on.

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