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DESIGN versus SEO. You experience that problem?
wwwallace wrote in webdesign
Hello everybody and hi to you from our Livejournal SEO Community!

Just as your are all designers here wanted to ask you this question.

Have you ever experienced the problem DESIGN versus SEO?

When SEO was interfering in your design project making it look ugly?

Have you found the way out and compromise ?

Thanks for the answers and those who are interested in SEO are welcome to join us at

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(Deleted comment)
Well really, if you're designing your website to be accessible and useable, SEO should align with those goals perfectly.

Depends which type of SEO we're talking about, I suppose. True for the won't-get-in-trouble-with-Google-for-doing-it sort, not always for the less reputable end of the spectrum. Heh.

There's seodev too but it's been my experience that most LJ webmasters aren't SEOers.

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