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joomla help
oh noes
heavensmetal wrote in webdesign
ok. i need some advice. i run a website that is currently JUST a forum (phpbb)...and i'm wanting to add more to the site... so i installed joomla (pretty much the same as mambo).

i searched the forums, but couldnt find an easy enough to understand answer on this, so i thought i would see if any of you have experience in doing this:

i guess my "pre-question" is, well... joomla and mambo are almost the same (like how zencart and oscommerce are)... and i'm wondering if i find a bridge for mambo, if i can install it and have it work with joomla?

my major question is, i want to integrate my ALREADY EXISTING phpbb with my NEW joomla (aka so existing user accounts will carry over from the forum to joomla). how would i go about doing this?

my current phpb:
my new joomla:

and example of the two (except this one is using mambo, not joomla) used together:

notice how the accounts are the same for the forum and the main area, and the "latest forum posts" show up on the main page.

anyone have any ideas?