How To Create a Website: Step-By-Step Tutorial

A Website has a potential to make huge money for you, provided, how you create a website and run it. When I was entered into this field, I made several mistakes. With the course of time, I learned from my own mistakes and made it possible to make a decent passive income from my websites.

Learning from our own mistakes make us successful with time, but learning from others mistakes make us successful with no time.

I have a 10-Step guide here which will help you to create your 1st website and make a business around it to get huge passive income, and obviously with much less time than me.

Step 1 - Buy a Domain
Step 2 - Buy a Hosting Package and SSL
Step 3 - Install Wordpress
Step 4 - Install a Pro WordPress Theme 
Step 5 - Install necessary Plugins
Step 6 - Create Contents
Step 7 - Connect Your Website With Google Webmasters and Google Analytics
Step 8 - Start Your Social and Email Marketing Campaign
Step 9 - On-page and Off-Page SEO
Step 10 - Make Money Online (3 Ways)

SEMRush Review: Best Keyword Research & SEO Tool [Rank On Google Now]

Do you really need such as the Competitor analysis and SEO tool - SEMRush? I think "Yes".

Either we are a big company or a small one, we must know, what our competitors are doing to grow their business - Competitor Analysis.

We must know how to bring our business in front of the eyeballs of o
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What is Web Hosting [A Beginner guide]

Are you curious to know what is web hosting? Here is the brief answer.

Web hosting is an integral part of any website. If we'll go, in short, website hosting is an online space where you can host your website.

In this technological era, especially after 2010, online presence is must for any kind of business. Today if you want to grow your business then you have to make your website nor you would face failure in your business.

Although there are many parts of website creation which you have to understand before taking any further step. But there are three important terms you should be familiar with them.

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With this Bluehost coupon, you will get the maximum discount on your 1st bill. So, I recommend you to pick the higher term. This coupon gives you more than 66% on the package deal.

Go grab this deal before it expires and best of luck for your new Website.

Register free Domain Name now [Step-by-step Guide]

We all love free stuff. Especially when it comes to blog or website creation we search for things like free domain name and free web hosting etc. however, putting extra efforts on a website or blog could give us living-income but nobody wanna spend a dime on web hosting and domain names in the i
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Do you have a website? If yes, then you have a hosting plan too. either it's shared hosting with limited bandwidth or a VPS plan. If you have a VPS hosting plan then you are already paying a lot of money for that. How nice would be that if an image hosting plan could save your shared hosting's bandwidth and you don't have any further need to buy expensive VPS plans?

Yes, there are many free images hosting websites are available on the internet where you can upload your images and embed them to your websites to save your precious bandwidth to a large extent.

Someone said images say more than 1000 words and I think you won't deny that quote. But the problem is, images and videos are the most bandwidth sucking form of content. As their size is quite larger than a text content they consume most of the bandwidth of your hosting plans.

And, ironically users like these form of content most. These form of content can't be forbidden today. Rather, the truth is, they are the most liked form of content on the internet.

So, I came today with 11 free image hosting sites to help you run your website successfully without any downtime.

How to Properly Submit URL to Search Engines

Today is the era of SEO battle. everyone in the online content marketing field wants there website on the first page of google. Nowadays SEO can make you or break you. Although, there are many factors which affect SEO of a website including, keyword research, SEO optimised content, building backlinks and tons of more.